Let’s talk about Afterpay

WANT IT ALL…….We Make It Easy 

Let’s talk about Afterpay

When we are honest with you, lay-bys are so yesterday.  As purchasers, we want what we want, now! Which is why the amazing payment plan known as ‘Afterpay’ is made for us all, You can get jewellery with Afterpay, in an instant.

As you scroll through your Instagram and Facebook feed, eyeing off beautiful new jewellery pieces, the idea of someone holding it for a month while you make your payments is so unappealing. We have become a generation of instant gratification, so the appealing aspect of Afterpay means you can get those special beauties when you want it, but can still pay it off at a time suitable to you – We love making your jewellery journey easy.

Your new Best Friend will be  Afterpay especially if you’ve been peeking at our beautiful pieces. 

Here’s a lowdown on what Afterpay is and how to make it work for you...

So, what is Afterpay, how does it work?  

It’s a payment plan that allows you to purchase what you want on the day, and pay your purchase off in 4 instalments – INTEREST-FREE.

The perk of this payment plan is it allows you not to rack up high-interest rates like credit cards – which we all know can really add up.


It's quite simple, Afterpay charges the retailers  4-6 per cent on each transaction to use and provide the Afterpay interest-free service. But for you the purchaser, it’s completely FREE to use and you’re given 4 easy fortnightly payments. If you don’t pay the amount required per fortnight then you incur a late fee.


How to use afterpay

There are so many ways to enjoy Afterpay.  For you, our beautiful customers, simply look on the homepage, select your desired jewellery piece and then click through to purchase, choosing the Afterpay payment method rather than credit card or Paypal – It’s that simple.

We love making it easy for you – Happy Shopping!